Whenever a family goes in search of a house, either to buy or to rent, finance is not the only consideration that dictates the decision. Many people also look for good location, neighbourhood, accessibility, public facilities, etc. All these factors will finally contribute to making the house a home rather that just a roof over one’s head. I have met many people who have moved into houses only to move out soon because they did not find what they were looking for.

Many of us will remember our family homes because many experiences were shared there, both happy and sad ones. But we never forget them because it was probably there that our characters were formed. We also try to recreate the happy moments for the next generation because they have been an integral part of our lives.

In John 1: 38, the disciples came to Jesus and asked, “Teacher, where do you live?” They were probably expecting Jesus to give them a location so that they could have some direction as to where Jesus was heading. However, his answer must have caught them by surprise. He said, “Come and see.” It is only later that they would discover that wherever Jesus stayed the night, that would be his home…that would be his base to teach, cure the sick, cast out demons. Wherever Jesus went, he brought the Good News to the people.

For most of us, we go through different stages of life and we experience many changes. For example, we change homes, jobs, and schools sometimes within a locality and at times to another state or country. In the light of the many uncertainties within our country, it is now not uncommon for people to speak of moving to another country seeking greener pastures. Internal and international migration is no longer alien to many people these days.

Even though moving from one place to another causes anxiety, stress, and uncertainty, it can also be an opportunity – an opportunity to bring Christ into our new environment. The apostles did this with great conviction and enthusiasm. Wherever they went, they carried Jesus with them and we are beneficiaries of this. In the same way, wherever we find ourselves or whatever it is that we are doing, we can always bring Jesus into our environment. That makes a lot of difference and Jesus is the difference. We can go on complaining and grumbling about our dislikes, which very often is energy draining, but when we bring Jesus into our environment, no matter how bad it may seem, we make a difference.