Now We Understand

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This past week we have accompanied Jesus on His last days on earth. These last few days of Jesus’ life was not only intense for Him but also for the disciples. The difference however was that Jesus knew how His triumphant entry into Jerusalem was going to end but the disciples had no clue as […]

Self-giving like Christ

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For most people, the highlight of the liturgical celebration on Maundy Thursday is the washing of the feet. Even though it is the day we celebrate the commemoration of the institution of the Holy Eucharist by Jesus, it is the washing of the feet that comes to the mind of most people when you mention […]

Managing Expectations

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Palm Sunday (Year A) Our celebration today is not one of the stories that end with… ‘and they all lived happily ever after’. It begins on a triumphant note but ends quite tragically. Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem, ends with Him being handed over to the Jewish and Roman authorities to be put to death by […]