Take and Read!

Posted on the July 18th, 2016 No Comments

Catholics have often been the brunt of jokes when it comes to the Bible. We’re often perceived as having pristine new Bibles still unwrapped and lying untouched in our cabinets. We consider it ‘sacrilegious’ to ‘blemish’ the Bible by underlining or highlighting the verses. We’re unable to match the ability of our Christian brethren in [...]

It is the Lord!

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They had a nice meal with Him but then His enemies wanted to take Him away. They tried to defend Him but they were defeated. They saw Him die on the cross from a distance as they were too afraid that the same fate would meet them since they were His companions. When the accusers [...]

The Cross of Love

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In this last one year alone, the world has been weighed down with numerous senseless killings. Whether it was a shooting in a school in the USA, a seize in a theater in Paris or even explosions in public places in Turkey and Belgium, it has somehow affected us and surely made us think about [...]