• Charity in truth

    Our gospel this Sunday is a continuation of what we heard last Sunday. Jesus was in the Temple grounds and He had just infuriated the Pharisees and the Scribes by telling the parable about a king

  • All are invited

    If you are someone who organises parties or banquets regularly, you know how important it is to be informed who is coming and who isn’t. I have found it quite frustrating when the invited

  • Sincerity in word, integrity in action

    The parable in today’s gospel is probably among the shortest parables in the gospels, apart from the parables about the kingdom – the parable of the father and his two sons is contained

  • Behold a generous God

    In the gospel of Mark, right after His baptism and the temptations in the desert, Jesus begins His public ministry with the words, “repent and believe the Good News; the Kingdom of God is at

  • Seventy times seven

    Each of gathered here cannot deny that God has been gracious to us in more ways than one. It is not always that God grants what we ask for but he provides what he deems best for us. The reason why

  • Love cannot hurt others

    There are times when a person joins an organisation, the person is given a ‘code of conduct’ which outlines the social norms and rules and responsibilities of, or proper practices for, an