• Seventy times seven

    Each of gathered here cannot deny that God has been gracious to us in more ways than one. It is not always that God grants what we ask for but he provides what he deems best for us. The reason why

  • Love cannot hurt others

    There are times when a person joins an organisation, the person is given a ‘code of conduct’ which outlines the social norms and rules and responsibilities of, or proper practices for, an

  • From indifference to encounter

    In every human relationship, there are significant moments that stay in our memory a lifetime. The conversation between Jesus and his disciples mark one such moment in terms of the relationship

  • Invictus, the Malaysian way

    Many of us would recall the 2009 movie directed by Clint Eastwood entitled Invictus, a story based on the John Carlin book Playing the Enemy: Nelson Mandela and the Game That Made a Nation. It

  • Loving the imperfect

    In the days long before caller line identification existed, when you make a telephone call, the first thing that most people would do is to identify oneself to the one you are calling and only

  • Faith is a gift

    Long before I began to study Scripture in the seminary, I wondered and often questioned, upon hearing the gospel passage of today, about Jesus’ response to the Canaanite woman. Anyone not